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Posted on Friday August 28, 2020

 Copper is the preferred material in the construction of stills, uniquely creating a more even and smooth whisky

It’s official: copper is the best metal with which to construct the stills used in the distillation of whisky.  Copper disperses the heat evenly over the surface of the still yielding a more uniform distillation process, as does stainless steel.

But copper goes one better than stainless steel, because it also reacts with the sulphur released by the fermenting yeast, ridding the whisky of that chemical, which would otherwise affect the taste of the spirit, making it more bitter.

The yeast actually binds itself to the copper, eventually producing copper sulphate, which adheres to the inside wall of the still, and which, after cleaning, is washed away rather than ending up in my whisky!

I can shay from pershonal essshperience (hick) that – you’re my best mate, you are – the whisky from vees copper sshhtills is far more drrinkabubble van de shhtuff (burp) you get from ovver places.

Oneshhhtly, I love the whishhky (hick) you get from copper cos it tashhhtes better and bee-eer de more hugh haff ovit.  I luff you buddy, I realllly do.  I keeeep on drinking it show I can keeeep on toashhting da wondafool (burp) copper.

And that’s why I need AA!

Posted on Wednesday July 15, 2020
You may be surprised to learn that we don’t have a Latin motto here at Advanced Alloys, but if we did, this might be it – cura cuprum – “care with copper.”

Care is built into everything that we do – from answering the phone within two rings, so that you don’t have to wait, to holding quantities of seldom-requested stock items, so that we can supply them to you quickly.

And. if we are not answering the phone, we are replying to emails immediately, picking, manipulating and packing what you need, and delivering it to you the same day that you order, if you need us to.

We know you also appreciate that you can order any amount of any product, and you know that we will have it in stock, manipulate in the way that you require, and pack it carefully to guarantee its arrival in perfect condition.

It all comes down to knowing you, our customers.  It is our business to know what you want. We know that you will need more of certain products at certain times of year, so we make sure to keep those in stock.

You probably know all of the above, but did you also know that you can walk in off the street and buy from us?  Did you know that every item we stock holds all of its relevant test certificates?  Did you know that we have our own dedicated UK delivery drivers, to ensure the safe transport and handling of your precious items?

As we slowly emerge from lockdown, you can be assured that these principles of customer care, which have guided our progress over the last thirty-plus years, will continue to be built into everything that we do.

Posted on Thursday May 28, 2020
As lockdown gradually eases, we are here for you when you need us

The news that more businesses will return to operating in the coming weeks has prompted everyone to consider what needs to happen and not happen.

As car showrooms and open-air markets recommence trading next week, with many other shops scheduled to follow suit from the middle of June, there is now a little light at the end of Coronavirus tunnel.

Whether you have continued to operate throughout the pandemic, drastically changed your trading practices, or ceased altogether, the easing of lockdown will no doubt have made you think about the short to medium term future.

You will be aware that Advanced Alloys has continued to supply copper in a socially responsible way during this time. It is an important raw material in areas such as health, in food production, in communications, in heat exchangers, and not least for the Nightingale Hospitals.

We have refined our working practices to punctiliously abide by government guidelines, to safeguard our customers and employees, and to operate in a way that is most congenial to you in these extremely challenging times.

And we will continue to do so.

As your operations evolve in the coming weeks, we are here to help you in every way that we can. If you need us to supply you in a different form, at a different time, in a different quantity, please let us know.

We will do all that we can to help you to bounce back as fast as is legally possible, and to take advantage of the opportunities that the ‘new normal’ is bound to present.

Advanced Alloys – the AA that is almost an emergency service

Posted on Monday May 04, 2020
Advanced Alloys proud to be an indirect supplier to this key NHS initiative

You will know that the Nightingale Hospitals are temporary NHS facilities, specifically set up to treat Covid-19 patients.  There are plans for many across the country, but two of the first to be built are at London’s ExCel Centre and Birmingham’s NEC, each of which may eventually house 5,000 beds.

As you can imagine, putting the necessary large-scale infrastructure in place in such a short space of time, under extremely difficult conditions, tests the skills and resourcefulness of the construction suppliers involved.

Advanced Alloys is supplying copper strip in coils and copper tubing to some of these construction companies.  Whilst never losing sight for one minute of the perils of the overall pandemic, we are nevertheless proud to be playing some small part in equipping these lifesaving hospitals.

At the same time, we continue to supply copper products to other key organisations such as supermarkets.

As we continue to operate, we recognise that many of you, our customers, now need to function with fewer staff.  We are constantly adapting our working practices to accommodate your changing set-up, and to help you in any way that we can.  (We also acknowledge that some of our customers have had to close at this time.)

Please do let us know of any further ways in which we could help you.

Posted on Wednesday April 15, 2020
Firstly, at this time, we would like to send you our best wishes and hope that your business fitness and personal health are holding up in these very uncertain circumstances.

There is not a lot of good news around (you may have noticed!) but one ray of sunshine is the fact that copper is one of the very best materials for killing off the Coronavirus (COVID-19.)

The virus can survive for only about 3-4 hours on copper.  By contrast, it can last 24 hours on cardboard and 3-4 days on plastic and steel.  This means that, by the time our copper reaches you, there should not be any virus on it.

It also means that any copper that you hold in storage will be free of the virus – assuming it has been there for more than four hours.

On a more general point, all our staff have been fully trained on the procedures necessary to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.  Like you, we are closely monitoring and following the Government guidelines for any employees still attending their workplace.  Our warehouse remains fully operational during this time, and we are working very closely with our supply chain to ensure minimum disruption to our customers.

This positive news about the properties of copper is not much, we know, but we hope that this crumb of comfort can lend a little bit of predictability to your planning, help you with your business processes and give a modicum of certainty to one aspect of your operations in, as we say, these very uncertain times.

As always, and particularly at the moment, please do not hesitate to contact your usual Advanced Alloys representative, if you have any questions or concerns at all, or if you would like to discuss any aspect of this matter in greater detail.

Thank you!



Doing exactly what it says on the copper


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